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The Air League is a UK sector-leading aviation and aerospace charity focused on changing lives through aviation. Its core purpose is to inspire young people from all backgrounds into the aviation and aerospace industries to champion the future of the British Aviation and Aerospace sectors.

The AIr League breaks down the perceived barriers to the aviation industry and through our scholarships and outreach programmes create a life-long impact on beneficiaries, many of whom stay involved throughout their careers.

The Air League has published and supported Jordan Pennings's research on the critical analysis of UK CAA colour vision regulation. Through Jordan's position as Chair of the Leading Edge Panel, there will be more positive work together in creating a better aviation industry for all.   

The CVDPA is an Australian based non-profit organisation founded by Dr Arthur Pape and John O'brien. They have been instrumental in creating positive changes to the colour vision regulation for pilots in Australia. They were successful in lobbying CASA to allow CVD pilots to fly safely commercially both as a first officer and captain and implementing a practical colour vision assessment called the OCVA. The CVDPA is a key association in creating awareness an pushing for change in colour vision regulation. 

They have partnered with ECDAA to support us in lobbying for change within Europe, using their experience and expertise which are second to none, this is an extremely positive connection for ECDAA to have and we are delighted to have them onboard. 


Buckinghamshire Business First are a business-led, business-focused community for new, established and growing businesses across Buckinghamshire.

They provide our members with knowledge, support and opportunities for growth. By getting involved, you join thousands of other members benefiting from our knowledge, connections, facilities, products and services.

From our inception in 2011, when 10 local entrepreneurs and business leaders got together to discuss how to encourage business growth in Buckinghamshire, our ‘doing-it-for-ourselves’ mentality has generated a thriving business community of 12,000 members – and growing.

ECDAA was selected as winners of the Bucks Alumni Entrepreneurship Competition which gave funding to ECDAA as well as providing office space and 1 to 1 business support which has been a fantastic start for ECDAA and our continued partnership will lead to more exciting things, most recently an interview with our co-founder, Jordan, to promote the association online. 

UKFlying was set up in 2015 to assist military pilots with their transition into the commercial aviation industry. At that time it was difficult to establish which courses were necessary for military pilots, not to mention that courses were overpriced, it was time for something to change. By working with various flying schools, UKFlying negotiated shortened courses at the most cost effective prices for military pilot conversions.

Having become established as the UK military licence specialists, UKFlying began to assist aspiring commercial pilots with gaining and maintaining professional licences. The UKFlying website and social media pages now keep pilots abreast of regulation changes for both CAA and EASA Flight Crew Licences. UKFlying also assist numerous flying organisations, military units and defence companies with licensing requirements for their pilots.


UKFlying instructors and examiners assist with CAA and EASA licence queries, regulation changes and a whole host of rating renewals and revalidations, including single-pilot instrument ratings. Let us see if we can help you.


With our Boeing 737 simulator based at Fairoaks Airport in Surrey, our goal is to give you the chance to experience what a typical day in the life of an Airline Pilot might look like. All of our sessions will be tailored to suit your experience level. Each booking includes a 30-minute briefing in addition to your Simulator time. For those who are new to aviation, we will start by explaining the basics.

Over the years, Pooleys has become a well-respected name in the Aviation Industry, not just in the UK but globally, as a leading manufacturer and publisher of Aviation, Pilot Training and Flight Equipment. We now sell over 2750 products worldwide including many of the worlds most recognisable aviation brands.

Experienced Pooleys' staff are available to help with further specifications and quotations for the complete range, and bespoke equipment which, in the past, has included landing calculators for Concorde and the 747. With our own factory in the UK, we are able to manufacture bespoke products in small numbers with a very short lead time at competitive prices.

Pooleys have set the industry standard in so many areas of manufacturing and publishing of aviation products that other companies, over the years, have strived to emulate. Our equipment is now sold to over 100 countries around the world.

Get 5% off all orders on pooleys using the code 'ECDAA'.

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