Panel Members

The European Colour Deficient Aircrew Association was founded by pilots, air traffic controllers and all types of aircrew. The panel works together to push for change and to represent the voice of all CVD Aircrew in Europe.

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Jordan Penning

Pilot and Founder

Jordan is a private pilot with a Hons degree in Air Transport Management and currently studying a Masters in International Air Law and Regulation as well as training to be a commercial pilot. Facing difficulty with the UK CAA with their restrictive colour vision regulation for class 1 medicals, Jordan has written his dissertation research on this topic, a very important piece that has substantive information and is a must-read,  working with now the UK DFT and aviation ministers to push for change within the UK and Europe and is working towards trying to bring in a practical form of testing similar to Australia and New Zealand. He has set up The European Colour Deficient Aircrew Association in 2020 and is a part-time 737-800 sim instructor and panel member for the Air League.
His work can be found on the Useful Resources page.

Simone De Marchi

Pilot and Founder

Simone is a commercial pilot. He holds an unrestricted EASA Class 1 medical certificate from 2015. He's currently studying for a degree in Biotechnologies at the University of Padua.

In 2018, in collaboration with Jordan Penning and other professional aircrews and doctors started the creation of a group of aviation professionals from all over the world, this led to the foundation of the European Colour Deficient Aircrew Association in 2020. From 2016 he's also an Emergency Medical Technician volunteering for the Emergency Medical Service in Italy. His goal is to work for a revision of the current restrictive regulations across Europe and pushing for a real common and updated, to the latest scientific findings, protocol of testing agreed within all the EASA countries.


Aleksander Rønningen

Pilot and Panel Member

Aleksander is a private pilot with 150+ hours and has a colour deficiency. He has a deep understanding of the colour vision regulation in EASA and Norway. He will bring articles and objective information about colour vision which comes from his experience of piloting an aircraft from a colour defective pilot perspective. He is helping the panel promote the need for a practical colour vision test within Europe.  

Jonny Salmon

Pilot and Panel Member

Jonny has been a private pilot since 2008, holding a day-only Class 2 medical. He is currently distance learning CPL theory exams and hoping to complete his flying instructor (FI) rating shortly after finishing the exams. He works in marketing and works for FLYER magazine after spending 5 years with the Royal International Air Tattoo. 


Pilot and Panel Member

Henrique brings a breadth of knowledge and experience to the team as an A320 Captain and instructor for an airline based in South America. He fully supports the need for a practical based approach to testing for CVD.


Pilot and Panel Member 

Paul is a very experienced pilot and member of the team, He's an FI/Tug Pilot/Para Examiner. His knowledge is second to none when it comes to colour vision testing and the relationship it shares to performing the role as a pilot.