The European Colour Deficient Aircrew Association

Committed to change in colour vision regulation for pilots in Europe

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About Us

Committed to change in colour vision regulation for pilots in Europe

ECDAA is a non-profit group in which CVD pilots have come together to create awareness and change within Europe on colour vision regulation for aircrew. We support and provide advice for anyone facing medical denials or loss of licenses due to the restrictive regulation currently in place. ​We work together to push for change within EASA towards a fairer more practical methods of testing that will stop the discrimination of many pilots and high-quality candidates. These testing methods are already being used in New Zealand and Australia where change has been made. We welcome you to join us and become part of this great community! 

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Get expert advice on CVD regulation issues and testing

News and Events

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Introduction Webinar

Rewatch our first live webinar, where the two founders get into details explaining what we do as ECDAA to change colour vision regulations across EU and to spread awareness.



Support Network

At The European Colour Deficent Aircrew Association, we believe in creating a network where everyone can express their voice, their thoughts and help each other through our dedicated forum. There will be news articles to keep you updated on the industry developments and useful resources to help you understand the complex regulation.


Push for change

With your support, we can work together in putting pressure on EASA and the authorities to implement necessary regulatory changes.

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Seminars and events

Our Seminars and events will be a great chance to meet the team as well as many like-minded individuals. The seminars will cover a variety of different topics and a way to help you. The meetings will be opportunities to work together in pushing for change and sharing expertise.



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