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The European Colour Deficient Aircrew Association

Committed to change in colour vision regulation for pilots in Europe

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About Us

Committed to change in colour vision regulation for pilots in Europe

ECDAA is a non-profit organisation in which colour vision deficient (CVD) pilots have come together to create awareness and change within Europe on colour vision regulation for aircrew.

We support and provide advice for anyone facing medical denials or the loss of their licence due to the restrictive and inconsistent regulations currently in place. We work together to push for change within Europe towards fairer and more practical methods of testing that will stop the discrimination of many pilots and high-quality candidates. These testing methods are already being used in New Zealand, Australia, and the USA, and demonstrate CVD pilots are safely flying around the world.

We welcome you to join for free and support our efforts

Home: About Us
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Get expert advice on CVD regulation issues and testing

Information and News Articles

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EASA to review Colour vision requirements in the new full glass cockpit environment and modern ATCO consoles

The current colour vision requirements were established more than 20 years ago, and since then, there have been significant advancements in aviation technology, including full glass cockpit and ATM consoles. These advancements have changed the working environment for pilots and ATCOs, and it is necessary to assess whether the current colour vision requirements are still suitable for these modern working environments.

The expected outcome of the project is to provide an updated assessment of the colour vision needs for pilots and ATCOs in modern working environments. This assessment will be based on scientific evidence and will identify any potential changes needed to the current requirements. By providing this evidence, the project will support decision-making with regards to regulatory needs pertaining to colour vision assessment for pilots and ATCOs.

The project aims to ensure that the colour vision requirements for pilots and ATCOs are appropriate for modern working environments and that they are based on the latest scientific evidence. This will help to enhance safety and efficiency in air travel, by ensuring that pilots and ATCOs have the necessary colour vision abilities to perform their duties effectively.

Ultimately, the project will support decision-making with regards to regulatory needs pertaining to colour vision assessment for pilots and ATCOs and help to ensure the safety and efficiency of air travel.

More information can be found here:

'More fairness' needed in CAA's medical appeals


An Independent Medical Ombudsman is needed to bring fairness into UK CAA’s medical appeals, according to a scientific paper.

The paper was researched and written by Professor David Warnock-Smith of Buckinghamshire New University and an air transport consultant, and Jordan Penning, aviation policy and regulation specialist.

The results revealed compelling evidence that the current CAA process is not as clear, fair, or transparent as it could be with only 21% stating yes to all three elements, lower than views on the currently published CASA and FAA processes, with 83% and 75% supporting them as they are respectively,” says the paper.

Research paper here:!

Article Here:



Push for change

With your support, we can work together in putting pressure on EASA and the authorities to implement necessary regulatory changes.

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Support Network

At The European Colour Deficent Aircrew Association, we believe in creating a network where everyone can express their voice, their thoughts and help each other through our dedicated forum. There will be news articles to keep you updated on the industry developments and useful resources to help you understand the complex regulation.

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Seminars and events

Our Seminars and events will be a great chance to meet the team as well as many like-minded individuals. The seminars will cover a variety of different topics and a way to help you. The meetings will be opportunities to work together in pushing for change and sharing expertise.


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